About Us


 Brightway One  is located in Irvine, CA.  We are a full service janitorial company in operation since 1984.  Each one of our customers has grown to expect and enjoy a special kind of attention and care that only our company provides.  We feel this customer satisfaction stems from the structure of our network within the company. Our company's success is attributed to the high standard of principals, which we have instilled in our employees and follows through to the quality of service rendered to our customers. 


Brightway One  has been in the cleaning industry for over 30 years.  With our experience, we have mastered our cleaning service to offices, warehouses, restaurants, tenant improvements and new construction buildings. We have also mastered the unique technique to profile and rejuvenate concrete flooring in many of our cleaning projects. Our "Diamond Concrete Polishing" has risen the bar on our quality standards and we are proud to say  we have had the opportunity to work with several industries  such as : Public Works, Healthcare Facilities, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Religious Facilities, Financial Services, and Telecommunications.

Mission Statement

 Brightway One  is committed to deliver the best service to our clients, tailored to their needs, listening closely and defining their goals while executing with pride.